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Service Information

CyberMDCare Service

Telemedicine and MD Office Appointment Program

Introducing CyberMDCare's telemedicine program.

  1. MD office that is highly organized and well managed
  2. New patients with Medicare Advantage
  3. New patients
  4. Patients wanting cash payment
  5. Well-coordinated Appointment Schedule Calendar
  6. Easy and simple Patient Diagnosis Note
  7. Easy and simple Prescription order
  8. MD office staff obtains current health records/exam results from the patient prior to appointment to provide more accurate consultation

Product Summary for Patients (App Version)

Introducing the program for telemedicine patients

PC Appointment img
California residents have free access to Telemedicine Software Program!
Anywhere in California!
CyberMDCare app users can make doctors appointments to schedule for Telemedicine consultation.
  • CyberMDCare users can find any doctor (registered with CMD Free, Silver or Gold program)
  • Simply send your information (health Insurance patient or acknowledge as cash payment)
  • MD checks your insurance eligibility
  • You can choose the best date and time to make your appointment using MD’s calendar
  • MD gives you access to his ASC (appointment schedule calendar) along with any copay, deductible amount, or cash payment due for consultation fee
  • Make payment for the consultation
  • Appointment completed

Product Summary for Medical Doctors (Web Version)

Introducing the program for remote medical doctors

PC Appointment img
  1. Telemedicine Program
    Nurse or staff interviews app user (patient) for initial consultation.
    Patient waits in the online waiting room
  2. Online patient appointment program
    Telemedicine appointment and in-person visit appointment
    Patient insurance information by CMD’s encrypted data
    Give patient access to appointment calendar
    Bill patient after checking insurance eligibility
    Check appointment schedule after receipt of medical service charge
  3. Diagnosis Note
    Each patient has Diagnosis Note
    Nurse records in the Diagnosis Note the initial consultation
    Medical Doctor records patient consultation in the Diagnosis Note
  4. Prescription
    To patient or to designated pharmacy
  5. Patient management
    Keep each patient Diagnosis Note
    Keep each patient insurance information
    Keep each patient prescription information
  6. Account management
    Receive medical service charge directly from credit processing co
    Patient payment history and account receivables

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