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  • CyberMDCare Service
    Use our services to provide Telemedicine services during the current COVID-19 pandemic.
  • CyberMDCare Service
    Check your doctor's schedule and make an in-person or Telemedicine service appointment with CyberMDCare.
  • CyberMDCare Service
    The CyberMDCare program helps you get your doctor's advice and prescriptions online.
  • CyberMDCare Service
    California residents can use CyberMDCare with Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and any other insurance. Cash options also available for those without insurance.
  • CyberMDCare Service
    Choose your preferred doctor online
  • CyberMDCare Service
    Enjoy a happy and healthy life with CyberMDCare.
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Patient User Guide

How to use CyberMDCare.

  • 1. Sign up

    Download the CyberMDCare app to your smartphone and sign up for the service. It is free!

    Enter your insurance information and insurance ID number. Enter your preferred doctor's information (PCP or Specialist).
  • 2. Schedule an appointment

    You can choose a doctor and schedule an appointment for either an in-person visit or telemedicine service using the CyberMDCare app.

    After choosing a doctor of your choice, select the desired date and time to complete scheduling the appointment.

    Once you've scheduled your appointment, enter the payment information and reason for the visit.
  • 3. Get medical treatment

    For in-person visits, visit your doctor office on the appointment date and time and receive medical treatment.

    For Telemedicine service, the Nurse or your Doctor will call you at the scheduled appointment time. You can receive video or phone calls on your Smart phone or tablet.

    Patients who want telemedicine service can receive virtual care regardless of whether they join CyberMdCare or not.
  • 4. Get a prescription

    The doctor's prescription is sent to the patient's email. You can print out the email to get your prescription at the pharmacy.

    Patients can specify their preferred pharmacy so that prescriptions are sent directly to the pharmacy.
  • 5. Health Management

    You can search your doctor's consultation history, prescriptions issued, and you can search your doctor's various checkup requests. Systematic health management is possible through the attending physician with Q&A before the appointment.

Provider User Guide

How to use CyberMDCare.

  • 1. Sign up

    CyberMDCare is not a service that doctors can use by directly signing up on a website, but a BtoB service that can be utilized through contracts.

    This enables branding to increase the value of the provider and provides a higher level of health care to patients.
  • 2. Patient Appointment

    You can adjust your schedule as necessary, such as the appointment time and period. You can also deny services after checking a patient’s insurance eligibility.

    You can manage patient information for those who have scheduled in-person visits or telemedicine service. Communication can be strengthened through Q&A with scheduled patients.

    When changes are made, such as new appointments, changes, or cancellation of appointments, notifications are sent immediately.
  • 3. Telemedicine Service

    You can check the list of patients in the Wating Room scheduled for Telemedicine Service, and the Nurse or the Doctor will call the patient to start the treatment.
    Patients who did not schedule an appointment through the app but made the appointment directly with the clinic may receive Telemedicine service as well.
    You can enter the patient's medical history as text or search the code to manage the input.
    If a medical examination is required, the patient may be advised online to receive the necessary examination.
  • 4. Prescription Order

    You can search for drugs and order a prescription

    You can search for detailed patient records and get help with treatment and prescriptions.
  • 5. Various statistics functions

    Systematic patient management and profit management are possible through various statistical functions on the dashboard.

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