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CyberMDCare Service

Benefits of joining CyberMDCare

Free service benefit

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    You can receive patient appointments online for free.
    • When patients use CyberMDCare application, they can eliminate the inconvenience of calling over the phone to make an appointment.
    • Patients are able to view their doctor's available time and easily schedule an appointment by clicking on the desired date and time.
    • Providing easy access to the provider will increase patient satisfaction and will also help with acquiring new patients.
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    You can use the Appointment Schedule Calendar for free.
    • Doctors can set up a regular treatment schedule and patients can make appointments online based on that schedule.
    • Doctors can also manage their personal schedule. Once their personal schedule is set up, patient appointments are not accepted at those times.
    • By using the Appointment Schedule Calendar you can manage your clinic's work more efficiently and may also save on operating costs.
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    Interactive Q&A with patients for all appointments is available for free.
    • Interactive Q&A enables efficient communication with patients about appointments.
    • By expanding the contact point with patients, you can expect to improve the accuracy of treatment and save treatment time.
    • By improving patient satisfaction, you can expect a positive effect in attracting new patients.
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    You can send messages for free by email or text to all patients who have made appointments.
    • Clinic announcements or marketing material can also be sent to patients.
    • Various forms of information can be immediately communicated through various media.
    • Relationships between the clinic and the patient can be improved.
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    You can make diagnosis notes, issue prescriptions, and share medical records with the patients.
    • The quality of traditional care can be improved to bring increased patient satisfaction.
    • Patients can stay healthy by easily accessing their medical records and actively participating in their health management.
    • The satisfaction of doctors can be improved through management and sharing of medical records.